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And you cannot cut without the mat. Cutting without the mat on the other models allows you to cut something like vinyl much longer 10 feet or more. You print them on your home printer or at a print shop and then the machine cuts them for you based on cut lines you add.

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All the machines can do print and cuts. The Cameo is wider so you can cut standard 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. There are some upper levels of the software upGRADES that add extra features, but the basic will do all you need for print and cut stickers. It allows you to open SVG files, turn any design into a sketch design, directly access glyphs fancy alternate letters in some fonts in the software, etc. You pay that fee once and all software updates include updates to all upper levels of the software like that.

Or you can start without it and upgrade at any time later. I have more tutorials on the software levels in the membership area here on the site. Is there anyway to use the iPad to do this? All my fonts and designs are on my iPad. Please let me know and thank you in advance for any help you can share. For example, the software uses a. IPads use apps, not programs. You need a Windows or Mac computer. Chromebook is also not currently supported.

Installing Cutting Master 4 on Mac

What about a Microsoft surface Go? Like this one from Costco? I like the Surface because I can also use it for work in meetings or working on the go. Thanks in advance! Hi Heather— The Surface Go is essentially still a tablet. With it, you can only use apps from the Windows App Store. So you could only use the Silhouette Mobile App, which does next to nothing. You can download and use the normal Windows 10, but potentially at extra cost. You can add those but you have to pay for them.

Plus they have to be wireless as there is no USB port. That uses more battery power. Its max speed is 1. The minimum recommendation for Silhouette Studio is 2Ghz. I have a backup computer that is 1. And the low end graphics and processor speed would be very frustrating and may not run the program at all. To me it makes much more sense to get a normal laptop, being sure to check the processor speed. No, the Silhouette Studio software will not run on an i-Pad or other tablet. I have amended the first section to make that more clear. A computer that will effectively run the software you need to be most focused on.

As I said in the post — watch for processor speed. Also ask about memory speed, which is different. It is my plan to make silk screen cookie stencils.

Before you Begin Series #1: What to know before you buy

I am not sure which machine and what materials to purchase. Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated. Thankyou in advance for your help. Hi Susan! What type of material would you foresee using for the stencils? For example, is it a type of plastic?

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Rigid or flexible? Approximately how thick if you can compare it to something that would help — like a berry clamshell box, milk jug, cereal box, etc.? One of my students was showing me some cookies she had made, so I quizzed her about the process of silk screening on cookies. It seems that most people use either regular adhesive vinyl or heat transfer vinyl and put it on a regular silk screen like you would use for t-shirts. If you use the regular adhesive vinyl, you also need transfer tape.

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That helps you keep the internal pieces together with the outside of the design as you move it to the silk. Vinyl is also floppy, so that gives it stability as you move it over as well. You also need to keep in mind that your materials need to be food safe. I suggest looking for a Facebook group or checking videos on YouTube for more detailed suggestions on materials. I recommend a weeding tool as well, which is just a small metal tool with a sharp end think of the tools your dentist uses to clean your teeth.

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The Curio is a more specialized machine and can only cut on the mat attached to the included rigid base platform. Hi, I just got the cameo 3 and purchased the business software. I plan to return the cameo 3 since I found out the cameo 4 will be released soon. My question is, will I be able to use the software I bought with the cameo 4 or will I need to re purchase? Thank you in advance. Hi Jessica.

The same software is used for all the Silhouette cutting machines there are different ones for the Mint stamp maker and Alta 3d printer. Once you install the software on your computer, you apply the code for your Business Edition within the software itself, regardless of which machine you are using. The key code can be used on up to 3 computers at a time. Is this a good investment or is there a better way I should spend the money by upgrading my current machine.

I want to start doing metal engraving, also cardstock cutting for classroom decorations, cut leather for jewelry, and mostly I want to make vinyl decals for cups, walls, wood, plates, any surface really and then my favorite is making heat transfer for clothing, bedding, ECT. What is my best move in your opinion. I have been using my iron however the vinyl seems to come off very quickly after just a few washes. I appreciate your time and feedback.

Maggie Muggins Designs: Silhouette Illustrator Plug-in Updates

Hi Courtney. The 1 is white and gray with buttons for loading. The 2 is all white with a touch screen. They are pretty similar. Any of the machines can use the sketch pens. You just put that into the tool holder instead of a blade. The 3 did introduce the AutoBlade, Bluetooth, dual blade carriage, 2mm clearance under the bar to use the deep cut blade — earlier models have 1mm and a few other features.

The 4 is actually coming out sometime in October and it has quite a few differences. It has a 3mm clearance and the ability to cut matless even on paper. It still has 2 tool holders, but one will a different mechanism and up to grams of force.

Metal engraving — works easiest on the Curio, but can be done on the Cameos with a few differences in how you do it. Should be easier with the 4 than earlier Cameos. Leather — definitely easiest on the Curio or Cameo 4 due to the clearance. The 4 will have both the greater clearance and heavier force. Cutting all the way through leather is pretty tricky, as the deepest the deep cut blade goes is 2mm and a lot of leather is thicker than that. The Curio is great for tooling on leather. Vinyl decals — works on any machine. However, the Curio cannot cut without a mat so again you are limited to the size of the mat.

HTV — again, works with any machine. Vinyl and HTV are pretty thin and not dense, so easy to cut. And you have to use a lot of muscle.

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I would recommend you try the suggestions for getting more consistent pressure first. I should be getting one mid-October and starting mine around then. I will be attending the Launch party in a couple of weeks and will have posts about that soon after. The new machines are usually fine, but there are always new subtleties to learn.